Copyright Notice to All Users

All images and materials found on this website are copyrighted to Shannon Lively (previously known as Shannon Brochu).  Any person who replicates, reproduces, references, circulates, distributes, manipulates or otherwise uses these images without Miss Lively's consent will be in breach of copyright law and may be prosecuted.

Image Sharing and Referencing

The art work displayed on this website may be shared under the following conditions:

  • The Artist’s full name, Shannon Lively, is credited and a link back to is provided.
  • The art work is not edited, cropped, or manipulated in any way.
  • The art work is not used for commercial purposes, unless a license or written permission from Miss Lively has been obtained. 
  • If the art work is remixed, transformed, or built upon, it may not be distributed without Miss Lively's written consent.

A license or written permission must be obtained from Miss Lively if you intend to use the art work displayed on this website for any commercial purpose.  In that circumstance, clear credit must also be given for the use of Shannon Lively's art work, and a link back to must also be provided.  A link back to social media, such as Facebook or Instagram may also be provided.   

If you have questions regarding the use, sharing or referencing of Shannon Lively's art work, please contact her directly via email at  Thank you.