The art work

All artwork featured on this website is original.  If you would like to use or share Shannon's artwork, please review the guidelines detailed on the copyright notice page.



Shannon is currently going through what she describes as her Frida Kahlo meets Dita Von Teese phase, exploring herself using pin-up imagery while practicing her flesh tones.



The works featured in this category have been completed with either pastels or oil.  Shannon works on these larger projects over a series of weeks or months, and uses them to explore her subjects in depth.  These pieces speak to Shannon's interest in portraiture and depicting the human figure in motion, often whirling across a dance floor.  


Dry brush drawings

The works featured in this category have been completed as sketches using oil paint rather than dry mediums.  


Daily paintings

These projects are commenced and completed in one day, as direct alla prima paintings.  All daily paintings are relatively small, ranging in size from 5x5" to 6x6" to 5x7".

Daily paintings are ideal for completing relatively quick, spontaneous studies of subjects that may be explored in greater depth in future larger projects.  They are also suitable for experimenting with colour, different artistic styles and brush work. 


On Friday nights, Shannon and a group of peers gather to draw or paint a model from life.  Many of these featured drawings are the result of those sessions.

Shannon also does drawings as studies for future paintings.

Academic studies

All of the featured academic studies have been completed as part of Shannon's training at the Academy of Realist Art, in Toronto, Ontario.  All of the figure drawings featured were drawn from life, with the exception of the Prud'hon master copy.